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Welcome to the Wee String School, Aberdeen's premier destination for private violin and viola lessons, now offering cello and double bass.

Our devoted and skilled instructors are advocates for musical excellence, guiding students of all ages and proficiency levels to discover and hone their artistry in a broader spectrum of string instruments.

At the Wee String School...

We offer personalised instruction that is tailored to each student's individual needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner just starting out, an intermediate player looking to improve your technique, or an advanced musician preparing for auditions or performances, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed. 

We also offer...

Music Theory and Music History classes (held online via Google Meets) provide our students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of music, which can greatly enhance their musical abilities. 

Our Music Theory classes help students to understand the underlying principles of music, such as harmony, rhythm, and form. This knowledge enhances their ability to read music, improvise, and compose. They can introduce students to new musical terminology and concepts, which can improve their ability to better communicate about music with other musicians.

Understanding the historical context of different genres and periods of music can help students to appreciate the evolution of music over time and gain insight into the cultural and social factors that influenced its development.

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String Ensembles

In 2022-23 we ran a String Ensemble, based in Kemnay, providing a valuable part of music education often missed with private lessons. It can provide pupils with a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved musical skills - Playing in an ensemble requires students to develop important skills such as listening, rhythm, and timing, as well as the ability to play in sync with other musicians.

  • Increased motivation and engagement - Ensembles can be highly motivating, as students get the chance to perform with others and experience the thrill of making music together.

  • Performance opportunities - We schedule regular performances, providing students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and gain experience performing in front of an audience.

  • Enhanced social skills - Playing in an ensemble requires students to work collaboratively with other musicians, which can help them develop important social skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership.

This year, through the Aberdeen City Orchestra, a Junior String Ensemble has been established for those at Grade 2-4 level. For more information on how to sign up, visit:


At the Wee String School, we value giving our pupils as many performance opportunities as we can. Check out some performances from our recent String Day, which includes Feedback from internationally acclaimed violinist Leland Chen who was our adjudicator and performances from our teachers!

Wee String School String Day 2023

Wee String School String Day 2023

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