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Lessons & Pricing


Cello and Double Bass

At the Wee String School, we're thrilled to be able to offer lessons in Cello and Double Bass, alongside our established Violin and Viola instruction. Each lesson is meticulously tailored to the individual's aspirations and abilities. From budding enthusiasts to seasoned performers, our expanded expertise ensures that your musical journey is both comprehensive and exhilarating.


Weekly term-time lessons


£11.25 per lesson

£35 flexed


£20 per lesson

£60 flexed


£27.50 per lesson

£82 flexed


£35 per lesson

£104 flexed

What is flex?

Flex is a payment plan which allows you to split the cost of lessons evenly over 12 months. This may benefit some pupils who would prefer a consistent monthly fee. 

Why choose the Wee String School?

In addition to weekly term-time lessons, we also provide as many performance opportunities as we can, access to online resources, and an accompanist for concerts and exams (when available). 

We believe that to become a successful musician, it is important to dedicate time to honing your skills. That's why we offer extra classes such as theory, history, composition, and musicianship in addition to your weekly individual lesson. We provide lots of additional materials for your lessons, including recorded and personalised accompaniments.

Our music theory lessons, held online, aim to give you a solid understanding of the fundamental theory of music to become an independent learner. We also offer history classes to explore all aspects of repertoire, composers, styles, and genres.

At the Wee String School, we want to help you work towards performances, grade exams, school exams, or to advance for your own enjoyment. With online lessons and flexible scheduling, you can learn and practice your skills from the comfort of your own home.

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List of benefits to joining the Wee String School
Online Classes

Exploring musicianship, history and theory

Performance Opportunities

Participate in concerts organised through WSS each year

Accompanist or high-quality personalised backing tracks included

Help to prepare for exams, festivals and other performances

Performances and Exams

We want to get you out there performing as much as possible, so we schedule several concerts every year, and we encourage you to go for exams when you're ready. They provide a strong purpose to your practice, helping you to engage better and advance faster! We are always on the look out for other opportunities to direct our pupils towards.

Grade 6+ exams will earn you UCAS points, giving you an edge for getting into university.

We will provide live or pre-recorded accompaniments.

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